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Mastering Digital Printing, Second Edition
Thomson Course Technology PTR, 2005
ISBN: 1592004318
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BOOK REVIEWS: Second Edition

I have my larger images printed locally at a lab/print shop. Thanks to your book, I've gotten compliments for having the best files given to print. They asked me how I processed the files, saying they never get anything that good.

        -- Carl B. Wenrich, photographer and digital artist, April 2006

I finally got a copy of your book Mastering Digital Printing, Second Edition. I opened it to have a glance, and practically fell into it, I became so absorbed! I had NO idea of the sheer quality of this tome. I find it fascinating, partly because your evolution into digital printing parallels my own in many ways, BUT you have had a wonderful contact with VERY esoteric, if not legendary (to me, at least) people. Thanks so very much for pointing me towards it.

        -- Jack Winberg, M.D., Instructor in Digital Photography, Senior Academy, U. of So. FL, March 2006

...Harald Johnson has put together an outstanding book, Mastering Digital Printing, Second Edition which is packed with 398 pages of useful information and that will satisfy readers at every level. The writing is clear and easy to follow, but without being over simple. At times the book is perhaps too dense, but you can dip in and out at any point to learn something new. I would have liked to see more inspirational pictures rather than close up shots of ink cartridges or charts. I would have also liked more case studies on how creative-minded people are using digital printers. Having said that, I can unreservedly recommend this book as being an essential read for those people who are serious about their digital photography and printing.

        -- Vincent Oliver,, February 2006

I am starting my own giclée print business. The first and most invaluable purchase I made was Mastering Digital Printing, Second Edition. It covers absolutely every question that you might have from the type of camera you should buy to the consumable materials that you need, and where to find materials on the web. I heartily recommend this book to anyone who is trying to begin color management of their hardware.

        -- Susan Semenick, watercolorist, January 2006

My wife and I have just signed a contract to display our photography in a new gallery in Taos, New Mexico, that specializes in photography. I have been reading your book, Mastering Digital Printing, Second Edition, for a few weeks now, and have learned a great deal about printing. In some cases, you have reinforced what we were doing, and in others, your information has changed the way we do business with our printing. The net result is that your book has given us some of the knowledge we needed to present our work in a truly professional way, and has probably contributed to the success of our bid for our place in this gallery.

        -- Don & Bonnie Fink, outdoor and wildlife photographers, April 2005

Nice improvement on a really impressive book. I have heard many top industry people reference it in my travels - it seems to be the gold standard now. Great work and congrats.

        -- Pete Hogg, Founder and CEO of Digital Pond, April 2005

I received the second edition of your book, and it is really a major rewrite. I'm really impressed, and I look forward to reading it and learning some things. The chapter on spraying and laminating is very timely!

        -- Charles Cramer, photographer, April 2005

Overall, your book is very informative and easy to read yet educational style. I will strongly recommend it to my students.

        -- Jack Fulton, Chair: Photography Dept., San Francisco Art Institute, April 2005

In the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you at the outset that I'm mentioned in this book. But that shouldn't take away from the fact that Harald Johnson has done an admirable job in re-tackling a complex subject with lucidity and depth. Digital reproduction methods have become the method of choice for both digital and traditional artists. Combining low cost and excellence, digital printing has made it possible for large numbers of artists to create limited editions of their works for sale to larger audiences. There are so many choices available that Mastering Digital Printing is a necessary and useful guidebook to choosing the best options and avoiding hazards along the way. Liberally illustrated, thoroughly researched and engagingly written, this book is now on my must-have list for studio operations.

        -- Carol Pentleton, Editor/Publisher, The Digital Artist, Jan. 2005

Has it really been over two years since Harald Johnson came out with the first edition of "Mastering Digital Printing"? We received our advanced copy of this second edition a few weeks ago, and it keeps "walking" away from your editor's desk, and onto someone elses! People are so amazed at the wealth of information in this new edition, compared to the original -- and the first edition has already become THE "bible" for digital printing.

Harald has interviewed and visited so many printing "masters" and authorities, you wonder how he got around to seeing all of them in just two years! The ideas, tidbits and photos of their working spaces and techniques will astound you. Ideas to improve your work flow and space start jumping off the pages, and make you say to yourself, "So that's how the 'BIG boys' are doing it - why didn't I think of that?" This edition is also packed with tons of great technical information, and there's practically a photo on every page to help illustrate the heavy stuff.

For those of you who bought the first edition, we say, "You ain't seen nothin' yet!" Harald has reviewed, overhauled, updated, or revised every page of this new book. And for the newbies out there that are constantly asking, "Is there a book or manual out there that can help one learn more about making quality inkjet prints?" -- we think Harald Johnson's second edition is definitely the ticket.

        -- Royce Bair, Editor, "Inkjet NEWS & Tips", Jan. 2005

I purchased a copy of your new book (2nd Edition) a several weeks ago and wanted to say that you have done a fabulous job with it. I was wondering how you could have bettered the original version, but after going through the new one I see so many expanded sections and lots of updated information. Congratulations on a project well done!

        -- Anil Rao, photographer, Jan. 2005

I was delighted to receive your new tome this past week and felt honored to be able to use it for my upcoming classes at the Academy where I teach. I refer to it often in all of my presentations, and it is a permanent part of my PowerPoint graphics. Thank you for your hard work, diligence and professional reporting approach.

        -- Jack Duganne, Duganne Atelier, Jan. 2005

Highly recommended, this new edition is a very useful and up-to-date overview of the field. Includes print permanence data from

        -- Henry Wilhelm, Wilhelm Imaging Research, Inc., Dec. 2004

There are a lot of books on digital cameras and now to take digital pictures. There are also a lot on processing these images to create the special effects that you might want. But up until now I have not seen any talk about converting these beautiful images into something so mundane as a picture you can put into an envelope and send home, or hang on the wall. Of course, everyone starts out with an inexpensive inkjet printer... the next step is to realize that the ordinary typing paper you've been using is not the best, so you go get some that promises photo quality. If the result you're getting with this approach is satisfactory for your needs, you need go no further, and this book probably isn't for you. I say probably, because there are hints here on paper, ink, and techniques that will help you get the most out of any printer. But if you want to go further, up to advanced amateur standing or beyond, then I'd consider this book a necessity. It covers everything. From printer technologies, to specific brands, to inks, to papers. At this level, you're not talking about $29.95 printers, and just getting the right printer is worth far more than the cost of this book. It clearly represents the state of the art in photo printing today.

        --, Dec. 2004

Hard to believe that you made such great improvements on what was already such an informative book to begin with. It really is superb.

        -- Mark Staples, Staples Fine Art, Dec. 2004

Still the encyclopedia of photo printing, Harald Johnson's Mastering Digital Printing answers every question. We've unfortunately read a number of competing titles that just get it wrong. This one gets it very right. Perfect for anyone who wants to see their work in frames.

        -- The Imaging Resource, Nov. 2004

If you are serious about printing digital photos, or you are serious about buying a new printer, this excellent book will provide you with wonderful information about many topics related to digital photography, not just printing. While the main focus is on desktop printing, there is equal time given to the other printing systems that are used in businesses and professional shops. For many topics there is are lists of pros and cons. ... Chapter Five gets into the heart of what most of us want to understand, namely what digital color really, what RGB and CYMK mean, etc. It also explains how to deal with your printer. Special emphasis is placed on methods of calibrating your monitor so that you get the output you want from your printer. Talk about helpful! ... These paragraphs provide only a bare bones description of the main topics included in this book. The author is a professional with a deep well of information that he shares willingly on every page. Reading this book will make you much more confident and well-informed. It is an immersion into the world of digital photography.

        -- North Coast Macintosh Users' Group Newsletter, Nov. 2004

Really, really nice "upgrade." New material, more polished. Not sure how you managed to get some of the really new stuff in there so fast, i.e., the new Wacom tablets! I placed a 5-Star review at Amazon, as have several people. ... thanks for all the hard work!

        -- Bob Stone, Nov. 2004

This is a great 2nd edition. I've had a good look through it now, and I can say that I think you have got this spot-on for your target audience. I like the expanded coverage in most areas and, if I may, it works much better than the 1st edition as a cohesive, one-stop guide to the subject. It is hard to see how you could fit more information into a single volume of reasonable size. So a very well-done job, and I wish you well with it in the marketplace. From what I have seen there is not a book that goes up against it.

        -- Wayne J. Cosshall, digital artist and art educator, Nov. 2004

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